Connecting patients with top-rated doctors in Turkey with all services included.

Connecting to world-class Turkish doctors

All Dantecare doctors are approved by our board of Turkish doctors. Our system is based on introducing our patients with the best practiced doctor by the best cost available.

Prof. Dr. M. Murat Naki

Gynecologic Oncology
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    Gynecologic Oncology

Frequently Asked Questions

Flexible approach from Single Disciplinary Services up to Turn-key Projects.

Turkey is one of the major countries in the world that has been chosen with its quality of doctors and hospitals.

Treatments served in Turkey are mostly having 85% of success at the end of the procedures.

Also the cost of treatments can be very attractive if you compare with the prices in Europe and North America. Dante Healthcare is built to bring the Turkey Healthcare Service in to your home so that from all over the world you will be able to compare the prices , services and know that you are in the right hands after you got out of plane.

We do take care of you.

In recent years Turkey has become one of the major country at the International Medical Tourism market.

Healthcare services needed to be positioned right with the service, quality and choice of the Professional according to the exact need.

Dante Healthcare is built on trust as having the best price with the variety of healthcare professionals among the system.

We help our consulters to make the right choice and Plan their trip from the begining till the end.

Medical Treatments in Turkey are as high as the quality with the other countries.

Turkish Currency is very low in front of EURO and USD, this is why our prices are very low compared with Europe and North America.

This platform is a one stop shopping location.

Here you will have all your needs as from plane ticket to hotel reservation, private guiding to all transfer needs and a detailed arrangement with your doctor without paying any extra fee for the assistance of Dante Healthcare Solutions.

That cost amount depends on what your medical and travel needs are during your stay.

Please do contact with us to learn what we can offer to you without any last minute budget surprises.

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